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Undergraduate Minor

The Disability Studies undergraduate minor is designed for students with special interests in the social systems, environmental factors, cultural history, and contemporary approaches to disability. In addition to the requirements of the student's major department, the minor consists of 18 credits selected from several colleges and departments.

For students with personal experience of disability, the minor provides an academic grounding and community for disability advocacy on personal, community, and national levels. Students will take two new introductory courses as well as a three-credit capstone experience in the form of independent research or a LA-administered internship.

For those majoring in disability-driven disciplines (e.g. nursing, speech and communication disorders, psychology, special education, counselor education, rehabilitation services, health administration), a Disability Studies minor provides relevant interdisciplinary links that broaden the understanding of disability beyond the clinical or administrative realm.

For students in the humanities (e.g. history, philosophy, political science, literature, religious studies), Disability Studies offers important new dimensions and challenges to traditional accounts of human value and political agency.

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